visualizing social network analysis shortener

analysis, literature, tech

Observable equivalance juxtaposition through url shortening of the very large meta aggregation of nested analytical information about social networks, standing on the shoulders of dark-matter like background conditionality such as the internet itself and human interactivity.
Yet clicks on this diagram of diagrams visualizing social network analytics short url, is now tracked in my profile.


server into retirement emotionality

events, literature

Our lovely hand-built server has been running apps since it became self-aware on 14th january 2003. Today, with due ceremony, operational http, mms, and smtp services were moved and tested OK on another machine. The Windows Server 2003 operating system shutdown was instantiated, the chassis fans run down, and the solidity and robustness of the final shutdown click indicates clearly to me that this server will gladly serve apps, data and content for many more years. As I embraced and fondled the machine gratefully reflecting on the years of service, I tried hard not to anthropomorphise the machine and start assigning feelings to it, computers hate that.